At Infraskills, we provide 360 degree creative advertising solutions with comprehensive coverage across all industry domains of advertising including ATL(Above the line) and BTL(Below The Line) Marketing and promotion.

TV Channels Advertising

Television channels advertising in India is the most popular advertising option. TV ad engages with two senses of person, eyes and ears, and is more impactful than other formats. Our media expert team strategizes better so that a TV ad promotional campaign as per the product is shown on the TV channel keeping in mind the target audience at the right time to have a long term positive impact on the audience and produce better results. Our team (media production) create and telecast different types of ads on television such as advertising in Smart TV 's, Sponsorship tags, TV commercials, Aston bands, scroll ads, ticker ads, L-band ads, teleshopping films, 2D/3D animation ads, graphical ads and many more. We offer our clients with the best of our services at best possible rates. We possess all types of slots of each and every channel whether be Regional, National or International TV channels.

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TV Channel

Advertising in Radio

FM radio is a great platform for advertising that helps your products and services reach your target audience with the help of demographics, If they are working in the fields, travel in bus, railway, they can still listen to the radio. Today FM radio is no longer confined in the cities, but is listening in rural and semi-urban areas. This has led to the development of a huge potential market for advertising. Our team offers a variety of promotional activities to make your ad a great success. We tell you how, under media planning, how it should be used to promote particular products and services to its audience not only on geographical basis, but also according to their taste and at what time and at which station. The jingles and advertisements created by our media production team are designed keeping in mind the importance of the product, so that the audience can connect with the product for a long time. We provide slots on all FM radio channels whether be local, Regional, National TV channels.

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Radio Channel

Print Advertising

Infraskills team specialize in designing and developing all types of marketing materials like corporate brochures, newsletters, flyers, leaflets insertions, POP materials, posters, direct mailers, hoardings, digital print, backdrop, exhibition stall... etc.

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Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is also known as OOH (out-of-home) media. As we enter the era of smart OOH technology, creative design, data integration and fancy digital solutions, it is worth realizing that great ideas are at the heart of creativity. Outdoor or OOH media advertising includes any type of advertisement that connects people outside the home. All types of outdoor advertising is recognizable, such as : Billboard Ads, Unipoles Ads, Wall wrap Ads, Outdoor Hoarding Ads, Bridge Panels, Bus Shelters. Metro Rail Ads : Inside panels, Platforms Panel, Metro Pillars, Metro Station Duct panel. Airports, Railway Station. In-cinema Ads – On-screen & Off-screen. Digital Signboards ads.

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A well-defined and executed brand strategy builds a strong emotional connection and trust with customers. Our brand strategy consultants help clients develop brand strategies and support implementations to create powerful and lasting brands, with deep expertise in all the branding process.
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